Review: Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat

The Cascade 3000 is a premium grade luxury bidet seat manufactured by Dignity Solutions at the same level as TOTO’s S550E and Bio Bidet’s BB2000. Search it up on the internet and you are not very likely to find a lot of reviews for it, which is exactly why we will be giving you a thorough and detailed one so you can decide whether or not this mysterious model is actually worth the purchase or not.

In terms of price, it falls right beside the TOTO S550E, but does it actually improve on the S550E in any way is what we’ll be answering here. But, before proceeding with the model itself, let’s look at the company profile. 

Dignity Solutions, founded by brothers Dan and Sam Johnson, is based in Michigan. Why we haven’t heard enough about it is because, one, it was founded in 2018, which makes them newcomers in a market dominated for a long time by giants like TOTO and Bio Bidet.

With thorough research, you can find that they really are dedicated to making bidet seats with such a balanced set of features that it should cater to almost everyone, especially elderly people. 

So without further ado, let’s go into the details of the Cascade 3000. 

The Design

In terms of design, the Cascade 3000 is far less bulky than the BB2000, but just an inch taller than the S550E, with 6 inches at the highest point. It’s pleasing to look at with a slick and smooth design, and a crispy clear white color. It should appeal to nearly everyone.

With just a glance at it, one can immediately tell that it’s designed for the most amount of comfort. This part should definitely appeal to the elderly. 

It comes in both elongated and round shapes and is also designed to fit French curve toilets as well, something most modern bidet seats fail to do so. 

Much like other bidet seats, the Cascade 3000 comes with a bracket that is mounted on the toilet seat, and the bidet is then simply fixed over the bracket. 


Tankless Water Heating

Much of the bulk which is part of other bidet seats is lost here because it provides instant water heating instead of a tank that keeps a reserve. This also helps conserve energy and you can get running hot water for as long as you require. 

Heated Seat

For those who would much prefer to not get that shock of sitting on a cold seat, the bidet provides an adjustable heated seat so you can decide your level of comfort. 

Stainless Steel Nozzle

A very sleek looking steel nozzle provides a solid spray pressure and is capable of self-sterilization as well. 

Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure

Both water temperature and pressure are adjustable so you can choose them for your level of comfort. Some may prefer a high-pressure hot spray whereas others, such as older people, would prefer a mild pressure. 

Multiple Spray Functions

It offers both front (feminine) and rear washes, so it can be used by multiple people. 

Oscillating Spray

The nozzle moves up and down to spray the whole area and thoroughly clean it. 

Warm Air Dryer

With the air dryer, not only do you get a complete bidet seat experience, but you also get to save up on toilet paper, making you an environmentally conscious person. 

Air Deodorizer

The warm air from the dryer can keep the smell around, but that is countered by the deodorizer, which moves the air through a filter to remove all bad odors. 

Remote Control (with 2 options)

This is the Cascade 3000’s most unique feature; you have the option to choose from 2 different types of remotes. There is a large user-friendly remote with big buttons and clearly laid out controls, and there is a smaller, more compact version for those who don’t have a problem figuring things out. 

The larger remote is for people with disabilities such as vision problems or reduction in dexterity. The smaller version has a display screen and smaller buttons, much like the remotes that come with most of the other bidet seats. 

Auto button

A single button that automatically performs a 1-minute wash, followed by a 3-minute dry process. 

Sittable Lid

Not many bidet seats allow people to sit on the lids, but the Cascade 3000’s lid can support over 300 lbs of weight making it ideal for people who are at risk of bathroom emergencies and are likely to need to take a seat there. 

Night Light

An LED light to illuminate the bowl is also included. It should help people find their way to the seat without having to turn all the lights on. 

4 Year Warranty

This is where they outdo their competition, as a 4-year warranty does not come with any other bidet seat. This could also be the reason that Dignity Solutions is a trustworthy company as in case of failure in 4 years the seat can always be returned. 

The Verdict

With so many features, one can easily be swayed into buying the Cascade 3000. However, it’s also still missing quite a few features that others do have. For instance, the pre-misting feature available on TOTO Washlets isn’t included, and neither is the auto-open/close seat feature.

But, despite some luxury features missing, the 4-year warranty and a perfectly balanced set of features should still appeal to most people so anyone wanting to play it safe should definitely consider the Cascade 3000 bidet seat.