The Bio Bidet Ultimate BB 600 | A Deep Dive Look

bb600 bidet review

There’s a lot of electronic Bidets out on the market loaded with features and controls. Some of them will cost you upwards of $1000 dollars to own. The Bio Bidet Ultimate BB 600 offers all the same core features of the most expensive Bidets but delivers them under $300 dollars. It’s a nice sweet spot between a cheap Bidet and the top end luxury Bidet in terms of features and price.


BB 600 Ultimate


Posterior Wash

Feminine Wash

Adjustable Water Pressure

Temp Control


Heated Seat

Warm Air Dryer

Self Cleaning


bb 600 bidet with electronic controls

The Bio Bidet BB 600 is an electronic Bidet seat with design options fitting both round and elongated toilet designs. It sits right on top of your toilet and replaces your existing toilet seat. Installation is a simple process of removing your current toilet seat and then bolting on the Bidet attachment plate using the supplied hardware. The seat slides right into the plate for secure attachment. Take note that this Bidet must be plugged into an electrical outlet to function. Ensure you have one handy in your bathroom or hire an electrician to install an outlet close to the unit if you don’t.

The BB 600 has all the features you’d expect in a Bidet under 300 dollars. Electronic control panel, dual nozzle posterior and feminine wash settings, water temperature control, pressure settings, oscillation and massage settings, slow close seat and lid, drying functions, and self cleaning nozzle features.

Control Panel – The control panel is well designed and the buttons are large so you can easily tell what each button does. Overall the control panel is simple enough for anyone to sit down and figure out. The intuitive design sets itself apart from other Bidets that cluster a bunch of small buttons together. This Bidet does not come with a remote so having easy to read buttons on the main control panel is a must.

Water Pressure – The water pressure is decent. To be honest it’s hard to tell the difference between each of the water pressure settings when you’re using it. Despite this the pressure is more than sufficient to clean up. If you hold a cup over the nozzles and change the settings you do notice the changes in pressure by the sound of the water hitting the cup. However, sitting down the settings are hard to register.

Wash Settings – Dual nozzles make getting a complete clean easy. One nozzle operates as a posterior cleaner and the other a feminine wash. Both are activated by 2 different buttons on the control panel. The posterior nozzle extends further out of the unit to hit your backside while the feminine nozzle cleans your frontal area. The oscillation feature oscillates the nozzle back and forth for a full front to black clean. The oscillation feature is triggered by hitting either the posterior or feminine wash button twice. There are also pulsating and massage controls which send gentle streams of water towards your backside.

Water Temperature – Nobody likes a jet stream of ice cold water shot up their backside. The Bio Bidet BB 600 has a modestly sized reservoir tank where it controls water temperature for  heated water. Simply set the setting to your preferred temperature and the unit will warm the water to your preference when you’re not using it. The temperatures range from room temperature to high settings. The high setting is a touch above warm but not scalding by any stretch of the imagination.

Heated Seats – The BB 600 will heat the seat for you. Perfect for those cold winter mornings and surprisingly warm and comforting. Everything about this electronic Bidet is miles ahead of the traditional toilet.

Drying controls – The built in dryer is nice but by no means drys you completely. You’ll still need to use a bit of toilet paper if you want a fast and effective dry. Other models have more robust heating jets but the BB 600 is not one of them.


Installation is simple if you have all the necessary prerequisites. First, you’ll need an electrical outlet nearby to plug in the unit. If you don’t have one handy contact a local electrician to install one for you. The electrical cable on the BB 600 is conveniently located in the center behind the unit. The outlet can be located to the left or right of the BB 600 without too much hassle or cable routing. Installation is broken down into 2 parts – installing the Bidet seat to your toilet and installing the plumbing components. Shipped with the BB 600 is a catch plate. This is essentially a mounting a bracket and screws in directly to the toilet. Once installed the whole Bidet unit slides into the catch plate and locks securely into place.

Installing the Bidet seat

  1. Remove your existing seat by unscrewing it from the toilet. There is a nut located underneath the toilet holding the screws in place.
  2. Align the catch plate with the mounting holes on toilet
  3. Align the mounting guides in the catch plate
  4. Insert the mounting bolts through the holes
  5. Slide on the washers and cone packing to secure the bolts in place
  6. Align the BB 600 unit with the catch plate and slide into place. You’ll hear it when the brackets securely lock in.

Installing the plumbing components

  1. Shut off main water valve
  2. Flush toilet to remove water from tank
  3. Disconnect water hose from both your main line and water tank
  4. Connect 1/2″ T valve connector to the main. Use the supplied 3/8″ conversion nut if necessary.
  5. Use the shorter supplied water hose to reconnect your toilet tank to the T connector.
  6. Use the longer hose to connect the Bidet once you have it installed on your toilet.
  7. Check for leaks by turning on the water main
  8. If nothing leaks plug the Bidet into the electrical outlet and let her rip!


Final thoughts on the BB 600

The Bio Bidet BB 600 is a full featured electronic Bidet at a modest price tag. There are a few drawbacks compared to higher end models but they’re easily overlooked. The warm water is limited to what’s in the reservoir as an example. Once the warm water is depleted the BB 600 must refill the reservoir and reheat the water. This allows for roughly 20 – 30 seconds of warm water depending on your water pressure settings. Really, that’s all you need but the warm water is not on demand like you see in higher end models.

It would be nice if the BB 600 included a remote control but Bio Bidet did not make one for this particular model. With a remote you have access to all of the Bidet controls from the comfort of a relaxed position. With the side panel controls there is a bit of leaning and stretching involved to get a good look at what buttons you’re pressing. For the elderly having a large remote allows them to simply sit down and do their business without excess leaning and stretching.

There are a few features built into the BB 600 which we really like. There’s an occupied sensor built into the seat which detects when someone is sitting on it. The drying and water jet features do not work if the seat doesn’t detect it’s being used. This is great for children who might play with the buttons without  actually sitting on the seat. Imagine a kid hitting a button and then walking away from the Bidet. Luckily, all the jet streams have a 60 second time out period as well. You’ll find for most purposes 15 – 30 seconds is more than enough time to get cleaned up.

Both the seat and lid are slow closing. This means no more slammed toilet seats!

We also found the elongated version will even fit a round toilet thanks to the easily adjustable attachment plate. Bio Bidet does make 2 different version of the BB 600 however – one for round toilets and one for elongated toilets. It is wise to purchase the appropriate form factor for your specific toilet.

Overall the BB 600 is a great electronic Bidet. It’s loaded with all the features you really need and you can’t complain about the price tag. Relative to other electronic Bidets the price puts the BB 600 in the range of the intermediate Bidet enthusiast.