Smart Bidet SB 1000 Review

They say once you use a Bidet you never go back to toilet paper. That’s been the case for us and today we’re reviewing an affordable electronic Bidet well within price range for many bathroom conscious individuals. The Smart Bidet SB 1000 sits nicely under $300 dollars and packs in a ton of features rivaling even the more expensive Bidet units. At this price range you’ll make the money back on all the toilet paper you’ll no doubt save. This is especially true for families who easily spend hundreds of dollars each year on toilet paper alone!


Smart Bidet SB 1000


Posterior Wash

Feminine Wash

Remote Control

Dual Nozzle

Water Temperature Control

Heated Seats

Water Pressure Control

Slow Closing Lids

Self Cleaning

Fits Round and Elongated Toilets



The SB 1000 is an electronic Bidet and sits comfortably on top of your existing toilet. Simply remove your existing toilet seat and install. Smart Bidet has designed models for both round and elongated toilets to ensure you get a proper fit. When buying the SB 1000 make sure you’re getting the model for your particular toilet shape to avoid installation problems. We found the elongated Bidet easily adapts to many different models of toilets (round included) but the round Bidet will NOT fit any elongated toilets.

With a bit of handy work the installation process (covered below) is simple. Included with the SB 1000 is all the hardware you need to install the Bidet inline with your main water supply in your bathroom. The SB 1000 is electronic so make sure you have an electrical outlet located in your bathroom. The electric cord is a decent length but ideally you want to route the cable away from where it will be obstructive to your movements. Call a local electrician if you need this done.

The SB 1000 boasts plenty of features:

Remote Control – The first thing we love about the SB 1000 is the remote control operation. Some comparably priced Bidets like the BB 600 do not offer a remote control forcing you to use the side control panel. This requires leaning over and fiddling with the controls. The remote control makes operating the Bidet an absolute breeze because you can sit down and have full access to the range of functions right there in front of you. A remote operated Bidet is also crucial for the elderly who have limited mobility and may not be able to lean over and twist to access the control panel. The remote comes with a mount to attach to the wall or to the side of the unit. Batteries included.

Controlled Water Pressure – The 5 adjustable water pressure settings are impressive. In many Bidets it’s difficult to notice any changes to the programmed water pressure settings. In the SB 1000 each gradual setting registers a noticeable response in your nether regions. Turbo mode is like squatting down on a sprinkler head and will no doubt clean out even the most hardened dingle berries. There’s an appropriate adjustment for every occasion.

Water temperature – The SB 1000 has a separate tank where it heats water to a range of programmable settings. Out of all the features the water temperature settings are no doubt the reason people never go back to regular toilet paper. There’s nothing better than getting a hands free clean with warm water after relieving yourself. The heated water is not on demand however. When you use up the reservoir the Bidet must refill and reheat the water for the next session. Once the reservoir runs out you’re left with whatever temperature is coming out of your pipes! You get a solid 20 – 30 seconds of warm water depending on your pressure settings. That’s really all you need. If you require on demand heated water for hours at a time you’ll need to look at a more expensive model.

Posterior and Feminine Wash – There are multiple adjustments you can set on the Bidet to control the direction of the water stream. The Posterior control positions the nozzle towards your back side and the Feminine control positions the angle towards the front for the ladies. The oscillate feature moves the nozzle back and forth for a fuller range of cleaning. We found the range somewhat limited compared to dual nozzle models like the BB 600 but it certainly gets the job done regardless of the single nozzle.

Heated seats – Oh yes. The legendary heated seat to soothe you through even the heaviest moves. Does anybody enjoy the feeling of sitting down on cold hard porcelain in the morning? The heated seat on the SB 1000 is adjustable to 4 different levels and we are very thankful for that. Perhaps if you live in southern California this isn’t a big deal but for those of you with real weather season to season, the heated seat is a must come winter time!

Dryer – The dryer leaves much to be desired but does a decent job. This is a common trait for electronic Bidets at this price point. The heated air dryer does its best to dry you completely but falls short at being truly effective. It’s nothing like the hand dryers you’re used to using in public restrooms. Don’t expect a complete dry with the SB 1000 and do expect to use a bit of toilet paper to finish the job.

Slow Closing Seat – Both the lid and the seat are so closing. Say goodbye to slammed toilet seats in the middle of the night!

Will it fit your toilet?

Most customers don’t have issues with the SB 1000 fitting their toilet. If you want to make double sure things will fit use the dimensions guide below and measure your toilet.

Installing the Bidet seat

  1. Remove your existing seat by unscrewing it from the toilet. There is a nut located underneath the toilet holding the screws in place
  2. Align the catch plate with the mounting holes on toilet
  3. Align the mounting guides in the catch plate
  4. Insert the mounting bolts through the holes
  5. Slide on the washers and cone packing to secure the bolts in place
  6. Align the SB 1000 unit with the catch plate and slide into place. You’ll hear it when the brackets securely lock in

Installing the plumbing components

  1. Shut off main water valve
  2. Flush toilet to remove water from tank
  3. Disconnect water hose from both your main line and water tank
  4. Connect 1/2″ T valve connector to the main. Use the supplied 3/8″ conversion nut if necessary.
  5. Use the shorter supplied water hose to reconnect your toilet tank to the T connector
  6. Use the longer hose to connect the Bidet once you have it installed on your toilet.
  7. Check for leaks by turning on the water main
  8. If nothing leaks plug the Bidet into the electrical outlet and let her rip!

Our thoughts on the Smart Bidet SB 1000

The SB 1000 gets a lot of things right and for that we love it. Testing the Bidet and comparing it to other models we noticed a few things. First, the single nozzle design does limit the range of coverage but was more than adequate to clean up with. Dual nozzle designs seen on models like the BB 600 are preferable for a maximum range of motion but not necessary by any means. The air dryer was a let down for us but then again ALL air dryers on these sub $300 dollar Bidet models leave much to be desired. It’s not a big deal to use a small bit of toilet paper to finish the drying process. If you are okay with sitting on the Bidet for 5+ minutes waiting to be fully dried, then you could easily overlook this part.

The water pressure is sufficient and each setting is a noticeable difference. The water temperature settings are also a warm welcome (no pun intended.) Just to reiterate, the water temperature is controlled by heating the water in the units built in reservoir. This has a number of drawbacks. First, the design of the Bidet will look bulkier due to the tank. Not a problem if you don’t care about sleek design elements. Second, the warm water is limited to what’s in the reservoir. Once you’ve ran out of warm water you’re left with the water temperature coming out of your pipes. That is, until the reservoir is refilled and warmed to the programmed temperature.

Installing the Bidet is always an interesting endeavor but we found everything we needed was included with the Bidet. Things to have handy are an adjustable wrench to tighten down the nuts and a bucket or towel to clean up any water which may come out of the pipes.

Overall this is a great Bidet with hundreds of positive reviews from customers. The SB 1000 is a nice middle of the road Bidet. Looking at the cost of the more expensive Bidets it’s hard to justify the quadruple digit price jump when Bidets like the SB 1000 deliver all of the core features you need at a fraction of the price.