Enhancing Your Bathroom Experience With The Toto C200

toto c200 review

In this Bidet review we take a look at the Toto C200.  The C200 is the successor to the famous C100 and brings some fresh features. Like the C100, the C200 includes many of the standard Bidet features you expect – multiple nozzle positions, adjustable water temperature/pressure settings, heated seats, and a warm air dryer. Instead of a control panel however, the C200 is operated by remote. Rather than leaning over to get to the control panel on the side of the bidet (which can be difficult for some individuals) the entire Bidet is controlled at the tip of your fingers.

Take a look at the table below for an overview of features.

Dual Nozzle Positions

Temperature Control

Heated Seat

Easy Installation

Remote Control

1 Year Warranty

Warm Air Dryer

Dual wash settings – The C200 features settings to spray water at both your front and backside. This allows both men and women to get a deep clean every time. No matter your form factor, the C200 is sure to hit all the areas that count.

Adjustable water pressure – The pressure is controlled via the included remote. In total there are 5 settings to choose from. Setting 1 provides a subtle and gentle clean. As you progress through the settings the pressure slowly increases. Between all 5 settings everyone in the house is sure to find the right pressure.

Adjustable water temperature – The Toto C200 has a built in water reservoir. Choose your favorite heat setting and the Bidet will warm the water in the tank to the selected temperature. There are 5 different temperatures to choose from. Heated water is surely more desirable than suffering through the temperature that comes out of your pipes naturally.

Heated seat – The best part of any decent electronic Bidet! The heated seat on the C200 makes those cold frigid mornings tolerable. Sitting on the C200 you will not want to get up. It will coax you in it with heated magic and keep you there in its warm bosom.

Remote control – The C200 is operated via remote control. The remote can be programmed for 2 different user preferences. 

Warm air dry – After you’re finished with your selected wash settings, enjoy a warm air dry. The dryer further reduces the need to use toilet paper. Keep in mind a small amount of toilet paper will most likely be needed to achieve a full pat dry.


Installation is a childs chore with a bit of basic handyman work. The C200 comes with all the hardware you need to install the Bidet on your existing toilet. First steps are unscrewing your current toilet seat and then attaching the C200 mounting bracket. The C200 snaps right into place. Next, shut off your main water, flush the water that’s in your tank and then unscrew the water hose. Using the supplied T connector, connect one hose to your tank and the other to the C200. Plug the Bidet into a nearby outlet and turn the water back on. That’s it!  The electronic Bidet is now ready to be used.

Buyers guide

The C200 is Toto’s mid tier bidet. The most important thing when purchasing the C200 is knowing your toilets form factor. Toto makes models for both round and elongated toilets. It’s crucial to select the appropriate size for your toilet configuration. The C200 comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty.

The C200 is a great Bidet and highly recommended by all of us at American Bidet Project.