Replace Your Toilet Paper With These Handheld Bidets

COVID-19 aka the Corona Virus has taken America hostage and sent its citizens into a frenzy. Stores everywhere are jam packed with frantic people looking to hoard a few comically illogical items. What are they hoarding? The toilet paper of all things! Those of us at American Bidet Project had to have a small chuckle at this interesting behavior. We haven’t used toilet paper in our homes for years and couldn’t imagine rushing to the store to fight frantically over the last roll.

We know that COVID-19 is no laughing matter but we do hope the situation pushes Americans to reconsider how they use the bathroom. The bidet is clearly a more hygienic method of cleaning yourself and you never have to worry about running out of toilet paper because you hardly use any.

What is a Bidet? A Bidet takes many forms but they all have one thing in common – they use water to clean your hind quarters instead of toilet paper.

There are many types of bidets including electronic models that install right over toilet. These Bidets have plenty of features to keep you busy but in this article we’re focusing on the affordable handheld bidet. This bidet installs right in line with your toilet and uses your existing readily available water supply.

Tibbers handheld bidet

This Tibbers handheld Bidet is a favorite. Tibbers makes a high quality handheld bidet made out of stainless steel. Some bidets choose an inferior metal or even plastic. This weak material tends to crack under pressure overtime. The Tibbers includes the handheld Bidet, the Bidet hose, A T connector to split your water connection, and a mount that attaches the hose to the side of your toilet for easy access. A favorite for sure and simple to install.

Abedoe handheld bidet

The most affordable handheld bidet option without skimping on quality. The Abedoe handheld bidet has been time tested by many Bidet enthusiasts. This Bidet comes with a T connector with a built in pressure adjuster. Easily adjust the pressure to your liking. For beginners we certainly recommend starting with a low pressure until you’re accustomed to the feeling!

Finige handheld bidet

One of the best handheld Bidets under the $100 dollar mark. Hovering just around $50 dollars, the Finige offers a very attractive handheld Bidet for a good price. The seals and supplied hardware are especially durable and high quality. We don’t like how some products come with a good hose and sprayer but poor quality T connectors and O rings. Very high quality and praised by many.  The sprayer can either be mounted on the wall or on the toilet.

Bretoes handheld sprayer

Another super affordable option if you want to go ultra cheap mode. The Bretoes sprayer bidet is stainless steel right down to the hose and supplied T connector. Installation takes as little as 5 minutes and the product comes with everything you need to install. This particular sprayer has a nice weighty feel and it’s easy to maneuver the head to whatever angle you need.


With a Bidet you can pretty much kiss your toilet paper goodbye. While you will need a very small amount of toilet paper to dry yourself, the Bidet drastically reduces your overall quantity requirements. Next time there is a toilet paper shortage you can rest peacefully at night knowing you are using the most hygienic and logical bathroom solution!

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