Bio Bidet BB 2000 Up Close Review

bio bidet bb 2000 review

How have people survived so long without a bidet? It’s true, once you use one you never go back to the porcelain throne. There’s a lot of Bidets on the market at various price points but the BB 2000 takes a special place on our list. The BB 2000 is a mid range bidet with almost every feature you could possibly want.

We recently wrote a post on the best bidets under 300 dollars. In that post we mention how you can get many quality Bidets at this price point. At under 300 dollars however you will not get on demand heated water. The BB 2000 represents a different class of bidet by using hybrid heat technology to warm the water on demand. That means warm water whenever you want it. Entry level bidets require the water to be warmed in reservoir first before it is available. When the reservoir runs out, so does your access to hot water until the tank can be refilled and reheated. Implementing this technology makes these types of Bidets more expensive than their entry level counterparts. The BB 2000 stands out as one of the least expensive options for those who want the on demand hot water warming feature.

Let’s check out some of the core features and specifications of the BB 2000.

BB 2000 Features

Posterior Wash

Feminine Wash

Remote Control

Adjustable Water Temp

On Demand Warm Water

Warm Air Dryer

Heated Seats

Adjustable Nozzle Positions

Slow Closing Lid

Control panel

Features Overview

bio bidet bb 2000 features

Feminine and Posterior Wash – The nozzle has 2 main positions and also a “vortex” mode which increases water pressure significantly for those deep cleanings. Between the 3 settings it’s easy to get a complete clean whether you are male or female. Some Bidets allow you to adjust the position of the nozzle and while the BB 2000 functions off presets, it does a decent enough job.

Adjustable water pressure – There are 5 adjustable water pressure settings ranging from a light spray to a jet stream. Not everyone enjoys a full blast of water shot up into their nether regions but some appreciate the power of the highest settings. Play around with the settings to see what works best for you.

Remote control – The BB 2000 includes both a remote control and a built in control panel. We like the remote as it’s a much easier method of using the Bidet. With a control panel one must lean over to the side and stretch to operate the controls. Many people feel it’s much easier to have an easy to use remote right in front of you. The remote is wireless/battery operated and mounts right on the wall next to your toilet.

Hybrid water heating – This is where the BB 2000 truly shines. The BB 2000 features on demand heated water whenever you want it. Imagine for a second. It’s the dead of winter and cold as ice. You sit down to use the toilet when all of the sudden a BLAST of ice cold water shoots straight up into your tender regions! Not a pleasant experience in the slightest. Having warm water is a must. As mentioned, most electronic bidets have a limited amount of hot water available through a built in reservoir. Once the hot water is depleted the Bidet must refill and reheat the tank before more is available. With hybrid heating technology, warm water is available whenever you want.

Heated seats – The next best feature of the BB 2000. The heated seats are a warm welcome on those icy cold winter mornings. There really isn’t a better feeling than sitting on a warm seat come winter time. Say goodbye to cold porcelain for good!

Warm air dryer – There’s a built in warm air dryer on the BB 2000 to cut back on toilet paper even more. It’s decent but we always find these to be lacking in terms of effectiveness.

Slow closing lid – The lid never slams and always closes slow. No more slammed seat lids at inappropriate hours!

Night light – The nightlight is located on the side of the Bidet and illuminates the side control panel.

Full review

We were excited to test the BB 2000 for the first time and discover the pros and cons of this bidet. We were most interested in the hybrid heated water technology and also the warm air drying features. Installation was easy with a bit of basic handy man work. Simply remove your old toilet seat and bolt on the attachment plate that’s included with the Bidet. Once the attachment plate is bolted on the Bidet slides and snaps into place. From there you shut off the water to install the supplied T connector. One hose goes to the toilet while the other goes to the bidet.

We did read other reviews about the round version of the Bidet being a bit too small as far as the hole was concerned. We found this to be the case as well. The elongated version of the BB 2000 supplies a bit more room. This is especially important for larger individuals. We recommend taking a look at the dimensions guide to see if the BB 2000 will fit your toilet. Even if you have a round design toilet you can still get away with installing the elongated version.

Overall this Bidet is extremely sturdy. Cheaper bidets flex and crack under the pressure of larger individuals but the BB 2000 remained sturdy. The plastic is certainly more bolstered than many other models we have seen.

The first thing we test for is the overall range of the water spray. Using both the posterior and feminine settings the BB 2000 provided a full range of cleaning. The water pressure was sufficient but did seem to lack the gusto we’ve seen in other models. Regardless, the pressure was enough to get a full clean.

The on demand heated water was nice. It comes out warm as soon as you hit the remote. The highest setting could be described as slightly above warm while the low setting are luke warm. Once again we’ve experienced hotter water in other models but unless you need scalding hot water the standard temperature on the BB 2000 makes the Bidet experience enjoyable. Many people enjoy a temperature just slightly above luke warm. What you don’t want is an extreme of either really cold or really hot.

The heated seats and warm air dryer are especially nice. The heated seats are above average and deliver a truly enjoyable sitting experience. You might find you won’t want to get up off the majestys throne! Being forthright, the warm air dryer is just about as lackluster as every warm air dryer in other bidets. While the aim of the bidet is to use no toilet paper, you will still need to wipe with a small square after the spray. The warm air dryers on the most electronic bidets simply aren’t up to the task of giving you a complete dry.

Lastly the remote control is amazing! The buttons are large and labeled well enough so anyone can get a quick read on the various functions. We always prefer bidets with a remote because of the simplicity of operation. It’s much easier to operate the bidet with controls in your hand rather than leaning over to use the built in control panel. The remote includes a mount which attaches to the wall right next to the toilet. Just don’t lose it!  What’s nice about the BB 2000 is the basic functions are also built into the bidet itself. Even if you lose the remote the Bidet is still operable on a basic level.

Overall the BB 2000 is a solid bidet. It’s well built and the on demand hot water does its job well enough to justify the price point. We do believe you can save a couple hundred bucks and still get most of the same core features. Read our guide on Bidets under 300 dollars to see what’s available. However, if a sturdy bidet with one of the best remotes on the market is what you want, the BB 2000 is unmatched and highly recommended.

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