An Up Close Look At The Brondell S 300 Bidet

The Short Version

The S 300 is Bidet we love at this price point. It checks most of the boxes we look for in a Bidet. The heated seats, warm water, and remote control are all welcoming features. We think the round version limits the overall space of the toilet hole itself. This is problematic for larger individuals. Get the elongated version if you can. If you have a round toilet, use the dimension guide below to see if the elongated version of the S 300 will fit. Overall we highly recommend the S 300 for your toilet!

We love simplicity when it comes to Bidets. A Bidet you can easily install. A bidet you can easily operate. A bidet that won’t break the bank. The Brondell S 300 checks all the boxes and delivers a full spectrum Bidet experience right in the comfort of your own home. Brondell is a leading brand in the Bidet business and the S 300 is one of their most popular models. It includes all the features you want in a Bidet with some you only find in the expensive models.


Brondell S 300

Posterior Wash

Feminine Wash

Adjustable Water Temp

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Heated Seat

Night Light

Self Cleaning

Warm Air Dry


Control Panel


Let’s talk about the things we love about the S 300. We always prefer to operate the Bidet via remote control and the S 300 includes one of the most simple and easy to use remotes. With a side control panel it can be difficult to lean over and operate the full spectrum of functions. This is especially true for larger individuals and the elderly. Having every function right in the palm of your hand is both simple, effective, and convenient. The mount attaches to the wall by the toilet and the remote magnetically locks into place. We found the build quality and simple design of the remote most impressive.

brondell s 300 features

The S 300 includes a water tank which supplies you with warm water. Bidets by nature use water to clean your nether regions and cold water is not the most comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. The most basic Bidets are extremely inexpensive but do not warm the water, leaving you with whatever temperature is coming out of your pipes. In the winter time this is not pleasant my friend! With the S 300 you have a range of temperatures available to you. Play around with the settings and see what works best. We did note that the water does take a bit of time to warm up and is not instant. Expect to wait anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes for the Bidet to heat the water in the tank. More expensive models feature on demand hot water but they will cost you hundreds of dollars more. Waiting for the water to heat up is not an issue unless you have an entire family constantly using the restroom and all of them require warm water.

Speaking of warm things the S 300 comes stock with a high quality seat warmer. After sitting on one of these bad boys you’ll wonder why it took the human race so long to move away from cold porcelain. Gone are the days of mentally preparing your tush in the cold winter mornings before sitting down on the throne. The heat settings are controlled via the remote control and have a range of options similar to the hot water adjustments. This turns your bathroom into a welcoming chamber of tranquility where only the smoothest of moves take place.

The wash settings are more than ample to target the full range of your tush. There are both posterior and feminine wash settings to hit the back and front side of your nether regions. Between these two settings it’s easy to get a complete wash. The nozzles are also self cleaning.

Now, when you think of the seat you might not think too much. The seat on the S 300 has 2 notable features we want to touch on. First, the lid is slow closing. No more slammed toilet seats ever! The second aspect is the seat is sittable. You can sit on the top of the closed toilet seat no problems. Most Bidets you cannot sit on the lid. Bidets are not made of the same material as the traditional toilets and implement plastic. Most plastic seats on electronic Bidets are of inferior strength and in their own documentation they recommend never sitting on the seats. The S 300 is well bolstered and won’t break if you like to take a load off on top of the lid.

We did find the round version of the S 300 leaves very little opening where the toilet hole is. It seems to cut off a lot of the space used to stick your tush down in the toilet. This is especially problematic for larger individuals. Round toilets by their design already limit tush space compared to elongated toilets and the round version of the S 300 limits this space even further. If you have a round toilet it’s possible the elongated version will fit.

Below are the dimensions to measure your toilet:

brondell s 300 toilet fit dimensions

Installation is simple even if you are only remotely handy. Included with the S 300 is all the hardware you need to install the Bidet on your existing toilet seat. With the Bidet comes a T connector to split the water coming out of your house. One hose goes to the toilet and the other goes to the Bidet. Installing the seat is a matter of unscrewing your existing seat and mounting the Bidet bracket in it’s place. Once the mounting plate is securely bolted in, the S 300 snaps right into place.


The Brondell S 300 is a solid entry level electronic Bidet at a good price point. We love the warming seats, the remote control operation, and the range of warm water. We do not recommend the round version even if you have a round toilet. Measure your toilet to see if the elongated version will fit. This will afford you much more space to do your business. Overall this is a great Bidet and we highly recommend it to our readers.


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