The TOTO C 100 Washlet Might Be The Best Bidet

toto c100 review

Out of all the Bidet brands available TOTO stands out as the pioneer of the original electronic Bidet design. They were the first to introduce the electronic Bidet to the market and have continued to set the quality standards for all those that follow.

The C 100 is TOTOs mid tier model with a well balanced set of features. The low end Bidet models tend to lack many features Bidet lovers enjoy like warm air drying and heated seats. The high end models can be outrageously expensive and actually don’t provide that many more features. As we’ve mentioned in our Bidet buyers guide the high end expensive Bidet models feature on demand heated water which adds hundreds to the checkout price. The C 100 warms water through a built in reservoir which is sufficient for most people.


TOTO C 100

Posterior Wash

Feminine Wash

Adjustable Water Temp

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Heated Seat

Night Light

Self Cleaning

Warm Air Dry


Control Panel


Control Panel – The C 100 comes with a built in control panel to operate the settings and features on the Bidet. The buttons are layed out well and easy to read. Some people prefer a remote control and if that’s your case I recommend the C 200 which is TOTO’s comparable model with remote control.

Adjustable Water Pressure – The water pressure is completely adjustable depending on your preference. You can start out at 1 for a very light spray and adjust all the way up to a 5 for a true deep cleaning and maximum pressure. With many Bidets it’s difficult to detect any change when you adjust the water pressure. With each level on the C 100 there is a clear difference.

Adjustable Nozzle Positions – The C 100 easily targets your backside and front side for an accurate cleanse. There are buttons on the built in control panel for both posterior and feminine wash. Between both of these settings it’s easy to get a full spectrum cleaning for both males and females.

Adjustable Heat Settings – Just like the water pressure the C 100 allows for 5 different heat settings ranging from just below luke warm to hot. This is one feature we always like to see in a bidet because there’s nothing worse than ice cold water shooting up into your tender regions. This is especially true if you have real winters and seasons.

Heated Seat – Another essential winter time feature to keep your tush cozy in the colder seasons. There are 3 adjustable heat settings available. After sitting down on this seat you’ll never want to use a regular toilet again. Traditional cold porcelain toilets will appear an archaic practice!

Warm Air Dryer – This is a feature you will not see in the lower tier electronic Bidet models. The C 100 comes with a built in air dryer to dry you after using the Bidet. It’s surprisingly effective but does take longer than drying yourself with a single sheet of toilet paper. The warm air dryer also feels amazing when it’s cold.

Installing the C 100

toto c100 installation instructions

Installing the C 100 is similar to installing other electronic Bidets. If you’ve never installed one before the process is simple. The C 100 comes with all the necessary hardware you need for installation as well as instructions. You start by unscrewing your existing toilet seat and then mounting the supplied hardware bracket through the same holes the original seat was bolted to. The Bidet slides into the bracket and snaps into place. A T connector comes with the Bidet to split the water connection coming out of your house. One connection goes to the bidet while the other will go to your toilet. Note that electronic Bidets require an electrical outlet to function. If you don’t have one close by you will need to hire an electrician to install one for you.

Below are step by step instructions.

Installing the Bidet seat

  1. Remove your existing seat by unscrewing it from the toilet. There is a nut located underneath the toilet holding the screws in place
  2. Align the catch plate with the mounting holes on toilet
  3. Align the mounting guides in the catch plate
  4. Insert the mounting bolts through the holes
  5. Slide on the washers and cone packing to secure the bolts in place
  6. Align the C 100 unit with the catch plate and slide into place. You’ll hear it when the brackets securely lock in

Installing the plumbing components

  1. Shut off main water valve
  2. Flush toilet to remove water from tank
  3. Disconnect water hose from both your main line and water tank
  4. Connect 1/2″ T valve connector to the main. Use the supplied 3/8″ conversion nut if necessary.
  5. Use the shorter supplied water hose to reconnect your toilet tank to the T connector
  6. Use the longer hose to connect the Bidet once you have it installed on your toilet.
  7. Check for leaks by turning on the water main
  8. If nothing leaks plug the Bidet into the electrical outlet and let her rip!

Our thoughts on the TOTO C 100

Go to Japan and what do you see? TOTO brand electronic Bidets as far as the eye can see. We are a big fan of TOTO and as with most Japanese companies the quality and build on these bidets are the best in the business. There’s a few reasons we would choose the TOTO over other models. At this price point you’re getting a nice middle of the road Bidet. Steep too low in price and you start slashing off features we believe you can’t live without like warm water, heated seats, and a warm air dryer. Go too high and it’s very difficult to justify a several hundred dollar price jump just for on demand heated water.

We would have liked to see a remote control in the C 100 but alas, TOTO does not offer one. The remote control is just an easy way to use the Bidet. Operating the Bidet from the comfort of your hands to some is more practical than leaning over to operate the side control panel. TOTO did come out with the C 200 which does have a remote control but is also slightly pricier.

We also discovered the TOTO C 100 is prone to not fitting some toilets. Many Bidets come in either a round or elongated design. The C 100 only offers the elongated framework but this does not mean it can’t fit a round toilet. If you do have a round toilet it is wise to measure the dimensions of your throne first. In fact, you should always check the sizing dimensions of your toilet before purchasing any electronic bidet.

You can see from the image below the dimensions requirements for the C 100:

toto c100 toilet fit dimensions

Do your due diligence to ensure a proper fit.

We love the heated seats and the heated water. The only thing you wont get with this Bidet is unlimited hot water. You have about 60 seconds worth of warm water before the reservoir must be refilled and heated again. Once you’ve run out of the reservoir you’re left with the water temperature coming out of your pipes. This is more than enough hot water to satisfy most people. This only becomes an issue when multiple people in the house demand hot water and there’s a constant flow of people using the Bidet. Then it might make more sense to opt for a model with on demand heated water like the S 300e.

Functionally we could not be happier with the C 100. The adjustable water pressure and nozzle settings are more than enough to get a proper clean down in your nether regions. There’s no area the C 100 leaves untouched. Between the 5 pressure settings and the 5 position settings everything gets cleaned. Best of all, this is a real clean unlike toilet paper which has you walking around with poop streaks in your butt all day. If people could feel how dirty they are down there everyone would use Bidets. As it is, the majority of Americans have yet to experience the true deep clean that only a Bidet can provide.

Overall the C 100 is a fantastic Bidet and loaded with the most important features. The American Bidet Project recommends the C 100 with full confidence.




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