Best Electronic Bidet Seat Under 300 Dollars

When it comes to electronic Bidets you see 2 different price points. Bidets under $300 dollars and Bidets well over $300 dollars. If you were to ask us what Bidet we’d recommend, we’d recommend a Bidet under the $300 dollar price point. At this price you get all the core features of the electronic Bidet. You get the heated seats, the warm water, and all kinds of settings to control things like water pressure and position. There’s a limiting return on Bidets that cost over $300 dollars and we don’t feel anyone needs to spend 700 bucks on a Bidet, even if you’re rolling in the coin like Scrooge McDuck.

Below we have 5 contenders you should consider if you’re looking for a Bidet under the 300 dollar mark.

BB 600 Ultimate

bb 600 bidet with electronic controls

The Bio Bidet BB 600 Ultimate represents the brands entry level bidet seat and comes fully loaded with a ton of features. The BB 600 hits most of the sweet spots. This Bidet features posterior and feminine wash, heated seats, warm water, and has a built in control panel. The pressure settings leave a bit to be desired but we found them sufficient enough. We also like to see a remote control but the BB 600 does not come with one. You may or may not consider this a deal breaker. We find it easier to operate the Bidet via remote rather than a control panel where you must lean over to control the settings. This can be a bit harder to use for larger individuals or the elderly. Overall the BB 600 is a decent Bidet at a good price point. 

Smart Bidet SB 1000

smart bidet sb 1000 with remote

The SB 1000 is perhaps the most popular Bidet under $300 dollars. Customers absolutely rave about this model. It provides ample space to do your business and fits most toilets. In terms of sleekness and style the Smart Bidet is the definite looker of this list. While many Bidets appear bulky, the SB 1000 maintains a sleek design. This model also comes with a remote and a ton of settings. There's 5 settings to choose from when it comes to both water pressure and nozzle position making the SB 1000 a most full featured bidet. There's 3 settings to warm the toilet seat and the SB 1000 even has its own warm air dryer. This is something you don't typically see in models at this price point. The SB 1000 comes highly recommended. 

Smart Bidet SB 2000

smart bidet SB 2000

The SB 2000 is the SB 1000 with a built in control panel instead of the remote. If you like the look and design of the 1000 but favor a built in control panel, the SB 2000 is the clear choice. Smart Bidet only makes 2 models and if it's one thing we can say, they have made them well. The SB 2000 is just slightly more pricey than the 1000 but still falls well under the 300 dollar mark. We recommend both models. Your choice ultimately depends on whether or not you prefer the remote or the control panel.

Brondell S300

Brondell is a heavy hitter in the Bidet industry. We love the S 300 for its pure simplicity of operation. The remote is by far the most intuitive and easy to use. The S 300 includes all the features you look for in a Bidet. The warm water, the heated seats, and the self cleaning nozzle are best in class. Brondell went the distance to make the Bidet seat sittable and slow closing. If you're use to sitting on the throne to catch a little relaxation, we'd advise the Brondell S 300. It's the only electronic Bidet seat you can actually sit on when the lid is closed. Most other Bidets are made of cheaper plastic which can't stand up to the pressure. The seat is also slow closing meaning no more slammed toilet seats in the middle of the night!


toto a100 electronic bidet

What is there to say about the TOTO A 100 other than it's Japanese made and one of the best in the business? TOTO is the company that started it all and set the standard for all other electronic Bidets. The A 100 is an exceptional Bidet. It carries that classic electronic Bidet design you don't see in other Bidets. There is something technological and robotic about the TOTO A 100. If you're a tech geek this one is a looker. You can simply feel the quality when you sit down. Everything from the heated seats, the warm water, to the electronic control panel is built to last and built for simplicity and function. TOTO is the best brand in the business no questions asked.  

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