Using The Modern Bidet For Pleasure

bidet for pleasure

The Bidet has many different purposes in the modern bathroom. For most, it’s a highly efficient way of cleaning yourself after using the bathroom. There is no doubt the Bidet is far superior to traditional toilet paper. It’s eco friendly AND you get a true deep cleaning.

But what about the other purposes of the Bidet? It may be a bit taboo to talk about but the Bidet is an excellent pleasure device. Aimed at the right spots the Bidet can achieve mind blowing orgasms and pleasures.

Just how effective is the Bidet for such pleasures? Well, for many it has replaced all their classic toys and it sits conveniently in their bathroom.

The Bidet functions by spraying water up into your nether regions. The pressure from the water stimulates parts of the body like the anus and clitoris.

The key is all in the positioning and pressure.

High quality Bidets are necessary to achieve sufficient pressure, position, and temperature. The electronic bidet seat allows you to control all three of these crucial functions. Without these features the Bidet is little more than a disappointing one night stand. Sufficient water pressure is the most important factor.

Let’s explore a couple different types of Bidets that will surely get the job done.

The Toto A100

toto a100 electronic bidet

Here we have an electronic Bidet seat. These install right on top of your existing toilet seat.

This model in particular sees widespread use in Japan. The Japanese have long used the electronic Bidet seat for both  business…and pleasure. (no wonder they are so calm!)

It’s a common occurrence for Americans traveling abroad to fall in love with the Bidet. Before they even fly back they have ordered electronic Bidets for every toilet in their house.

The husband refuses to admit he loves the Bidet but the wife knows he does. (He has been spending much more time on the toilet.) The wife of course loves the cleanliness only a Bidet can provide, plus all the hidden pleasurable benefits.

The Toto A100 provides 5 different levels of water pressure to suit your needs. Maybe some days you require a gentle touch, other days you want maximum power. The A100 also has settings for the nozzle position, granting you complete control over where the water sprays.

The Toto C200

toto c200 review

The C200 is an upgrade over the A100. The C200 is operated via remote control. This offers you maximum pleasure right in your hands. Instead of leaning over to operate the side control panel, you have all the power in front of you.

The C200 heats the water through the built in reservoir, can heat the seat, and has 5 different pressure settings for the water.

The C200 is a popular Bidet for many reasons.

The Handheld Bidet

The  handheld Bidet is an inexpensive method of obtaining peak desire. This sprayer for instance installs right alongside your toilet and is easily controlled with your hands. The handheld Bidet sets you in the captains seat…all aboard to pleasure island! Let your hand determine the exact angle you need.

Other types of Bidets

There are of course many types of Bidets. When it comes to pleasure however, you can’t go wrong with an electronic Bidet seat. Read our post on the Best electronic Bidets under $300 dollars. 


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